SCCAA Supports Bipartisan Plan for Immigration Reform



Columbia, S.C.—The South Carolina Conservative Action Alliance (SCCAA) today launched a statewide television, radio, and Internet ad campaign promoting the bipartisan immigration reform plan being crafted by U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and others.

The commercials began airing today across South Carolina.

“The plan Senators Graham, Rubio and others are crafting is a conservative approach that – first and foremost – secures our borders,” said Ambassador David Wilkins, the SCCAA board chairman.  “Illegal immigration has been one of the toughest problems facing our country.  As a South Carolina-based organization, we are especially proud of Senator Graham’s leadership on this critical issue.”

Wilkins also stressed SCCAA supports E-Verify, the employment verification system which prevents the hiring of illegal immigrants.  “South Carolina led the nation by placing an E-Verify requirement in state law.  We are pleased to hear the plan Senators Graham and Rubio are advocating has an E-Verify mandate for the entire nation,” he said.

Kathy Bigham, a businesswoman and Republican activist in Rock Hill, S.C. who also serves on the SCCAA board, said conservatives back the new proposal because “it is definitely not amnesty.”

Added Bigham, “Once the borders are secured, those in America illegally would have a path to citizenship that forces them to pay a fine, pay taxes, pass a criminal background check, learn to speak English, and get in the back of the line. The whole process would take at least 13 years to complete, but it likely could take longer. That’s tough but fair.”

The South Carolina Conservative Action Alliance was established in 2010 as a nonprofit policy and grassroots organization that promotes conservative solutions for some of the nation’s most challenging problems.


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  1. Joseph A. (Joe) Swift says:

    Lindsey Graham is my hard working Senator. I don’t always agree with him, but, I follow him. He knows more than me on any issue, and is so honest, If all Republican Senators would support him, much more honest work would get done.